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Business Intelligence for Airlines

business intelligence airlines white paperFlight distribution is being transformed by NDC and XML  Adopting XML APIs helps airlines directly reach customers using the agency channel. Analysing XML data gives airlines vital intelligence to innovate and manage their offers, by better understanding customer demand and market trends (including ancillary trends and  popularity). At the same time operational KPIs help maintain optimum offer delivery environment.

This paper illustrates how real-time insights from XML shopping data can be effectively applied to daily decision-making.  It covers:

   —  Operational performance (of your APIs)
   —  Customer demand (traveller searches)
   —  Conversion success (offers meet needs)

Examples of analysis includes:

  • Search Request Volumes By Type
  • Response Times By NDC Request Type
  • Search Times by Origin-Destination
  • Look Ahead and Duration by Predicted Market Segment
  • Ticket Sales over Time by Flight Duration Category

Executive Interview:

Don’t wish to download the detail?  Get an overview from the Airline Information Interview with the author Jonathan Boffey, or check out our Blog which is rich in NDC discussions. (No registration required)

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