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Trio Enterprise

Distribution analytics at scale

Transforming high volumes of search and booking data into actionable intelligence- it's not just the data, but how you use it that matters

Shining a Light on API Data in a Data-Driven World

Trio Enterprise meets the dynamic needs and scale of the modern travel enterprise. From on premise to cloud to hybrid deployments, our analytics platform helps you get comprehensive visibility into your API performance and content. Cut through the darkness with real-time analytics that deliver unprecedented visibility, definitive insights, and immediate answers.

Trio Enterprise Provides:
  • Proven enterprise strength API performance monitoring and analytics platform
  • Scalable to grow with increasing search traffic and booking volumes
  • Real-time operational and business critical insights via dashboards, reports and alerts
  • Ability to analyse raw XML/JSON data to quickly spot anomalies
  • Closed-loop, root-cause analyses when operational thresholds are crossed and rules are triggered
  • Helps monitor and optimise performance of distribution channels
Get Insights into:

Client Activity

Drop in searches or suspension by key agencies so damaging consequences to your business can be avoided or quickly rectified.

Operational Performance

Issues such as response times or timeouts as they happen, so you can make sure your revenue is not adversely impacted.

Product Availability

Alerting you to any product issues so you can help drill down to causes ensuring that inbound availability searches are being correctly returned.

Look-to-Book Ratios

Identify which clients, destinations and products are converting and contributing so you can avoid poor ratios that impact costs without increasing return.

Booking Activity

Track bookings in terms of volume, product type and transaction value so you can understand which agents are best performing.

Market Trends

Understand seasonal patterns and events that influence market trends and buying behaviour so you can stay ahead of demand.

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Trio Enterprise Data Sheet

Trio Enterprise Data Sheet

RoI Calculator

RoI Calculator

Trio Enterprise Use Case

Trio Enterprise Use Case

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