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Working with Partners

Transforming travel distribution with analytics

If you build and host booking and distribution platforms for accommodation and travel providers, Triometric complements your services with a layer of advanced analytics of the API traffic streams that gives your clients greater visibility into their search and booking traffic running through your platforms.

In working with leading travel technology providers, we combine our own business and technical expertise with those of our partners to deliver enriched business intelligence capabilities that transform the distribution practices and results of our customers everywhere.

Triometric’s leading API analytics platform is non-invasive, typically using a network based approach that can be co-located with the API servers or cloud instances. This means it is possible to add expert API analytics to virtually any on-line platform whether that be a CRS, PSS, XML switch or booking platform.

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Benefits of Partnering

Analytics to Drive your Client's Business

Enabling your clients to build on advanced analtyics helps them to leverage their data for better insights into their API traffic so that they can make those timely decisions to improve their performance and tap into new opportunities.

distribution partners visibility

A Value Adding Service Offering

Our Managed Service approach enables our partners to go to market with an advanced and  differentiated BI solution that is supported by us and complements their existing services. Easy to implement and easy to use self-service analytics helps promote long-term profitable customer relationships.

distribution partners value adding service

Flexible Terms of Engagement

In partnership, to leverage the synergies between your technology platform and our industry analytics capabilities, you can refer you customers directly to us, or we can work together in partnerhips.  Our flexible partner programmes allow you to increase revenue and create new business opportunities.

Service Features
  • Ability to capture, process, manage, store, report and alert on API traffic in real-time
  • Internal reporting with detailed data to support diagnostics, testing and alerting
  • Client specific portal, reporting and configuration
  • Worry free access to data analytics platform, fully supported and maintained by Triometric
  • “Bolt-on”, non-invasive deployment of advanced API distribution analytics
  • Passive data capture with no logging or code changes to platform required
  • Data centre or cloud deployment or a hybrid approach
  • Platform for internal system performance monitoring as well as a value adding service offering for end clients.
  • Pre-configured standard report set for self-service use
  • Sophisticated data aggregation and summary reporting facilities
  • Multiple data level retentions and storage management
  • Alerts delivered via email within minutes of an event occurring
Partner with a Trusted Provider

Delivering a layer of advanced analytics that complements and extends your own technology services with deep API intelligence. We can:

  • Enable unobtrusive capture the API traffic for analysis
  • Build the data extraction rules as well as pre-configure the desired reports.
  • Deliver technical assistance and with customer on-boarding
  • Provide ongoing training, professional services and industry expertise

Each booking platform is unique and customer requirements are different. The Trio platform is very flexible and Triometric has a wide range of technical skills to address virtually any requirement.

Get in touch to explore joint opportunities.

Our Partners

We are continually developing our best of breed travel analytics platform making us specialists in capturing, preparing, analysing and reporting on travel data. So it makes sense to partner with best of breed distribution and technology platform providers.

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