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lies networks and response times dice with % pile

Lies, Networks and Response Times – Why ‘average’ doesn’t cut it

    Response times play a central role in performance monitoring and analysis. They are measured to make sure that…

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timeouts real cost pocketwatch on euro notes

The Real Cost of Timeouts

In the cut throat competitive world of travel distribution– speed (and not just price) is of the essence, because several…

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financial impact of inventory gap supply and demand maze

Sizing the financial impact of that Inventory Gap

Having no inventory available can and does every day account for millions of dollars in potential lost revenue opportunities for…

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margin management search request man on ipad

Taking stock of your margins when fulfilling travel search requests

As an intermediary selling travel products obtained from suppliers, margin management can be summed up as understanding where your money…

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revenue per search look to book magnifying glass over insights and clouds

What Revenue Per Search Tells You That Look to Book Doesn’t?

Intermediaries such as wholesalers, bedbanks, and metasearch engines play a pivotal role in travel product distribution. Their vast networks of…

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