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Triometric Platform Innovations Unveiled at ITB 2018

ITB triometric platform innovationsIf you are attending ITB, drop by to find out more about how Trio has been evolving and where the next exciting developments are leading the market. As specialists in the API XML/JSON monitoring analytics field, we’ll be explaining the benefits of our latest cutting-edge technology roadmap features for hotel distribution optimisation at the show:

Already here:

  • In-memory database computing – big data is the buzzword, but making it perform can be tricky. Trio now adds the capability of dramatically improving the performance of analysing very large volumes of data. Super-fast reports, even on huge data sets to enable rapid and timely decision making from operations or account managers.
  • Elasticsearch/Kibana – an open-source search engine that enables simple searches from big data volumes, both are popular within the sector. Acting as a high-grade data source, the Trio platform can collect, collate and prepare API monitoring and search data from multiple sources then pass on to your Elasticsearch cluster. With seamless native integration, you are now free to use both Trio’s own multi-dimensional analytics in addition to your own reporting or dashboard tooling. Simple, powerful and flexible data integration and analysis however you want it is now possible.
  • Cloud Computing – Many customers already have or are moving to cloud deployments for their online presence. Our platform is available for the top 4 cloud environments, and we can easily handle hybrid solutions if your journey is still ongoing. So regardless of what your cloud story is, Triometric offers a flexible and collaborative approach to ensure that the Trio platform continues to deliver the performance and data accessibility required. Talk to us about your cloud technology plans.
  • AWS S3 Connector – The Trio system is designed flexible and allow collection of data from multiple points. For clients with cloud based systems we now include a direct native connection to AWS S3. API data to be monitored can be simply and easily be sent to the appropriate AWS S3 bucket for onward analysis by the Trio platform also based in the cloud. For many cloud-based deployments this can be an easier option to get data to be monitored to the Trio platform, without the need for a hardware monitor to be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Scalability – Our customers’ search traffic continues to rise and experience seasonal peaks. Our systems are now fully scalable to accommodate huge growth and the Trio platform has been scaled to efficiently handle more than a billion hits per day. As your success and volumes grow, our platform can grow with you.

Coming Soon:

  • Value-based Processing – While the platform is capable of processing all API traffic, as search volumes and response increases, the processing resources and associated costs also increases. As part of our future roadmap we are developing a value-based approach to the processing of the data by the Manager, where we work with clients to identify, process and report on the key metrics they use to drive their business in a priority or value-based way. The aim is to deliver vital insights faster and with more control over the processing power needed.

These are just some of the highlights of the direction the Trio platform and the benefits that this brings. The Trio Team will be delighted to see you at ITB, or if not attending feel free to contact us directly to discuss any areas of interest.

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