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Just Launched – Quickly Share Reports and Dashboards

Sharing of information has always been a central part of the Trio experience, but until now that has been based around exports or PDF pushes via email. Those work well, but there are a couple of big use cases that typical users experience every day:

  • Immediate sharing – imagine you are reviewing a report or dashboard and you see something important…a blip in the data! That problem could be costing us thousands! Now you can simply click on the Share button in the top-right corner and fire it off to your colleagues. They get a read-only version of exactly what you see on your screen. Nice!
  • Scheduled sharing to groups beyond yours – sales or IT don’t use Trio but could sure use some of this data, but up until now they fell back on their (inferior) world view because it was hard to get hold of anything better. Step up Trio scheduled sharing! Your link can be sent by email in the normal way – it is simply another option in the report schedule config.

The great part about sharing is that you can send links to non-Trio users – they will see an active page, but only in a read-only form.

Secure Sharing

There are a few caveats that should not be a problem for most people – anyone you send a link to will need to be able to access the Trio server via your network.

You can configure sharing on a per person privilege basis (it is off by default), and note that every share has an expiry duration – the maximum being 30 days.

Sharing a Dashboard – either copy the link, or send via email

Trio offers two ways to share – simply copy the link and paste it into your own email/chat system etc, or have Trio send an email on your behalf – handy for group updates (Trio will remember previous people).

What's being shared?

Manage what you are currently sharing from the new Shared Items page – Trio puts you in control of what you are currently permitting views on.

Administrators can view and manage all user shares.

See Sharing in Action (Video-2mins)

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