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Just Launched – Quickly Find and Navigate Reports

Simple navigation with the new Navigation Bar

Navigation is one of those key areas that gets little attention, but when you are using a system day in, day out – usability really matters. You could always use the drop-down menus to move to sections, but now Trio deploys a single consistent and modern sidebar for all navigation. As you’d expect, the bar is collapsible to  maximise screen space.

This replaces the breadcrumb links and allowed us to thin out the menu structure resulting in a more consistent and simpler user experience.

expanded sidebar Trio
Trio Analytics - quick search

Expanded Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar sits on the left hand side and  is expandable to show both icon and words. It provides a quick and consistent way of accessing reports and other areas of the platform and can be accessed from any where in Trio.

Collapsed Navigation Bar

Collapse the bar to a simple icon set to maximise screen available for viewing, whilst still maintaining navigation.

Find your reports and dashboards - from any page

Looking for a particular report or dashboard? Tap on the Search icon located on the Navigation Bar to access the new Search fly-out feature. Start typing and matching items will appear, highlighting favorites if they apply.

Start typing in the Search fly-out to find reports or Dashboards

See Navigation in Action (Video-2mins)

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