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Just Launched – Display KPIs and Data that matter to You

Trio 8.5 Screen

Trio 8.5 introduces immediate data from the point of login via the new Home Page. Surface the things that matter to you right now and show them on your personal dashboard (with the smart new look and feel, too)!

The Home Page is the new anchor point for the application and can display any dashboard you see fit, so go ahead and select any pre-made one on the system, or make your own! The Home Page uses it’s own simplified editor which means it much easier to add, remove or just nudge things around to get them looking how you want to see every day.

The addition of the Home Page (particularly in conjunction with our new immediate sharing feature) make Trio ideal for people who would not have traditionally wanted to use an analytics package.

Starting your way

Got a particular job to do every day? Streamline your workflow by setting Trio 8.5 to start up at any page, report or dashboard you like.

home page config page

New users can select any existing dashboard to display

Choose an existing dashboard, then either change the whole thing later or edit the current one onscreen if you prefer.

See Custom Home Page in Action (Video-2 mins)

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