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Trio Analytics for Juniper

Client and Product Management with API Intelligence

To optimise your distribution operation using the Juniper booking platform, Trio analytics delivers cost effective but vital insights into your API data so you can monitor the performance of your partners and offer relevant and timely products to grow your business.

How the Trio Analytics Service Works

The Trio for Juniper analytics service is jointly provided by Juniper and Triometric.  For subscribing Juniper clients, their transaction data is automatically collected within the Juniper environment using Trio technology and securely forwarded to a dedicated, cloud based Trio analytics system.  Interactive reporting is provided by secure login to the Trio analytics system from a web browser which allows reports to be run and if desired data to be downloaded as csv, Excel or pdf amongst other services.

Trio Dashboard
Trio For Juniper Search By Agent
Trio Juniper Availability
What The Service Provides:
  • Tracking of every client transaction to extract key information on platform and partner performance
  • Affordable, scalable, to grow with your business
  • The reporting provides detailed insights on Client Management and Product Availability
  • Easy to set up Software as a Service for access to API insights
  • Real-time operational and business critical insights via dashboards, reports and alerts
  • Easy to use self service portal with pre-configured report sets
The Insights You Get:

Client Activity

Drop in searches or suspension by key agencies so damaging consequences to your business can be avoided or quickly rectified.

Operational Performance

Issues such as response times or timeouts as they happen, so you can make sure your revenue is not adversely impacted.

Product Availability

Alerting you to any product issues so you can help drill down to causes ensuring that inbound availability searches are being correctly returned.

Look-to-Book Ratios

Identify which clients, destinations and products are converting and contributing so you can avoid poor ratios that impact costs without increasing return.

Booking Activity

Track bookings in terms of volume, product type and transaction value so you can understand which agents are best performing.

Market Trends

Understand seasonal patterns and events that influence market trends and buying behaviour so you can stay ahead of demand.

How Travco's hotel distribution benefits from Trio Analytics

Alex Allan, Operations Manager discusses how Travco uses the Trio Platform to analyse its API data to optimise its hotel distribution operations for clients and suppliers.

New: Introducing Trio for Juniper with Fastpayhotel experiences

Learn how the new advanced Trio analytics service delivers detailed API insights at property, agent and destination level, among other important business metrics. (30 mins)

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Trio Analytics For Juniper Data Sheet

Trio Analytics for Juniper Data Sheet

RoI Calculator

RoI Calculator

API Analytics – A Cost Or An Opportunity?

API Analytics – A Cost or an Opportunity?

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