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Redefining hotel distribution with Trio Analytics

Trio Analytics delivers a unique business intelligence platform that helps hotels and intermediaries analyse API traffic for insights to make data driven decisions about their inventory, operations and distribution channels

The Trio Analytics for Hotel Distribution

Whether a hotel supplier or an intermediary, your distribution management depends on robust systems where speed and accuracy is essential. The Trio platform delivers a useful blend of operational and business intelligence from API traffic that helps online companies:

  • Increase revenue through greater search traffic visibility and product availability to help conversions
  • Lower costs through insights to optimise operational performance
  • Manage real-time inventory availability against live search demand
  • Monitor distribution channel partners against KPIs
  • Identify and resolve operational issues in a timely fashion to ensure service availability

Some of our Customers

(you can find others in our case study section)

Leverages API analytics to capture client demand and optimise demand for business growth. Case Study

Fastpayhotels hotel distribution

Saltours International
Selects Triometric to optimise its B2B online travel business with operational and business intelligence Press Release

Saltours in London

Richard Davis, IT Director – Testimony

Hotels Solutions For Hospitality


Hoteliers use multiple indirect distribution channels to maximise their market reach. Their challenge is to achieve high occupancy at the best price, while managing distribution costs. Trio analytics gives hotels channel performance insights  to help them.

Hotels Solutions For Hospitality Bed

Hotel Distributors

Trio analytics is a powerful platform delivering operational insights alongside intelligence into inventory, channels and customers. We help online wholesalers and bed banks use their API data to optimise their operations and distribution to stay ahead of the competition.

Solutions For Hopsitality Technology Partners

Technology Partners

We partner with travel technology and distribution platform providers. Our extensive analytics expertise helps them extend their own service offerings with an API business intelligence layer. Our data capture is flexible to protect client investments and data.

Products for Hotel Distribution
Trio Express
Trio Express
Cloud based SaaS solution for mid-sized distributors and aggregators
Trio Enterprise
Trio Enterprise
Enterprise-grade solution (on-premise or cloud-based) suited for analysing large daily traffic volumes
Trio Data Engine Cogs
Trio Data Engine
Capturing XML/JSON data from multiple sources and preparing it for BI applications and processes

Data analytics can be used in many ways to improve IT and business operations, occupancy rates and revenue

  • IT Operations: real-time visibility into traffic volumes and operational performance. Find and fix web services issues fast
  • Inventory Management:
    Monitor searches and manage product availability in line with dynamic demand
  • Supplier Management:
    Manage accommodation contracting arrangements in line with predicted and actual demand
  • Distribution Channels:
    Determine those channels that deliver value which helps hotels earn maximum revenues from every channel
  • Pricing and Revenue Management:
    Demand estimation and changing prices in real time
  • Customer Segmentation:
    Use real-time search context to identify customer segments and improve offers
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