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Trio Platform - ROI Calculator

Operational performance and product availability

The Trio analytics platform gives you true visibility into the heart of your sales engine - your search and booking API. The performance of your systems can have subtle but huge impacts on your profits margin, often in unexpected ways.

Use the quick calculator below to see how relatively small optimisations to key performance metrics of your system can deliver huge impacts to your bottom line revenue, then talk to us about how to make this happen at your company.

Step 1: Your business

Let's start by finding out a little about your business volumes and margin. This calculator is for illustration only, and we do not store any data. If you don't have exact numbers, use your best estimate.

Profit per booking (€) This is the average profit your firm makes for each booking processed  
Average bookings per day This is the average number of bookings your firm processes each day  

Step 2: Your Current Performance

The financial benefits of Trio are delivered through improvements in response times and by returning relevant available products to search requests. We have used indicative numbers, but please overwrite them with those of your business' current metrics.

Product availability (%) The percentage of search responses that have at least one product offered. Industry average is 75%  
Improvement Target (%) Use the slider to set the desired improvement % in product availability  
Response time (seconds) The average time it takes your firm's systems to respond to a search request  
Improvement Target (sec) Use the slider to set the desired reduction in response time  
0.2 sec

Step 3: Calculate Your Return On Investment


The ROI improvement is based the % increase in product availability, and on a 10% improvement per response time reduction of 0.2s.

Step 4: Review Your ROI Calculation

 Review your results

Total Potential:

Improving your Product Availability
Current:  Target:
Potential profit per year See Product Availability Improvement Calculation
Improving your Response Time
Current: 2.0 sec  Target: 1.8 sec
Potential profit per year See Response Time Improvement Calculation
Potential additional profit per year   Learn More






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