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XML, NDC and Airlines

XML and NDCXML is a widely used communications standard. NDC is IATA’s New Distribution Capability designed to reform how airlines sell tickets and ancillaries through third party channels. NDC based on XML will help airlines become better retailers using dynamic and media rich content.

XML, NDC and Airlines is a paper that combines a 6-part blog series that explains:

1.  What XML is and how it is structured
2.  What NDC is and why it is needed
3.  Why NDC is based on XML
4.  The differences between legacy EDIFACT and XML
5.  How online travel companies use XML
6.  A future vision of how airlines will use NDC

NDC will transform and modernise airline distribution. Triometric delivers XML analytics to online travel companies and is the ideal partner to help airlines derive actionable customer insights from their XML data.  Our collection  on XML, NDC and Airlines can help you get started.

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