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Trio Analytics for Juniper Webinar

Webinar (30mins) introducing Trio Analytics for travel distributors whose API distributes inventory using a booking engine such as Juniper. Hear how Fastpayhotels uses analytics to optimise its distribution.

The webinar covers:

  • What the Trio analytics platform is
  • How it complements the Juniper Booking engine
  • How API analytics can be delivered as a value-added service
  • Business benefits from real-time dashboards and alerts
  • Insights into product availability, client performance and operational metrics
  • How Fastpayhotels is leveraging the combined strengths of Triometric and Juniper platforms to run their successful distribution

The Trio Analytics platform is used by market leaders such as Hotelbeds and Bonotel as well as Juniper clients such as Fastpayhotels to shape and optimise their distribution business with API intelligence. Listen to this30 min webinar to learn how you too can benefit from deep API insights.

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