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Real-Time Data Driven Merchandising for NDC

business intelligence airline white paper

NDC is bringing the opportunity to gain valuable operational, market and customer insights from a lot of data generated by:

–  Customer search requests
–  Airline responses to those searches with their offers
–  Bookings (the searches that successfully convert)

To draw these insights requires a structured decision process with predefined logic and real-time access to trusted data. An analytics platfom delivers easy access to this data and transforms it into clear insights that can drive decisions. For airlines who are using or considering using  XML or JSON APIs as part your NDC plans, this paper highlights the value that real-time search data brings and how it can be used.

What You Will Learn

Our real–time analytics systems help keep IT systems optimised and fine-tuned to meet the demand of high volume search traffic.  For business and IT, this isn’t just a few search request counts or averages broken down by agent or flight, our reporting covers detailed information on:

–  Infrastructure performance: IT and business level errors, full response times, timeouts
–  Product availability: mapping and other errors, inventory gaps, supply to demand
–  Price sensitivity, revenue and margins:
>  offers being made, look-to-book, booking revenues, dollars per search
–  Relevance and customer behaviour
–  Metasearch APIs and third party supplier monitoring

This and more can be delivered at scale and in near real-time without impacting your booking engine.

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