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Product Showcase – Trio Express for NDC – 30 mins

This short webinar (30 mins) provides an overview of Trio Express for NDC, our SaaS XML analytics service designed to take airline NDC distribution to the next level.

Trio’s Express for NDC is based on our core SaaS based XML analytics service called Trio Express, but pre-configured to run data collection and extraction rules specifically for monitoring inbound and outbound NDC traffic to merchandising systems, PSS, switches, exchanges and other booking platforms running the NDC standard. The standard system utilises a local appliance to collect relevant network traffic and securely feeds the transactions logs up to a dedicated cloud based analytic system located in Amazon Web Services which then process your data and provides detailed interactive reporting.

Alternative configurations for supporting cloud based NDC distribution platforms are available and the system can be readily used in conjunction with third party distributors and suppliers.

So if you are using or considering using  XML or JSON APIs as part your NDC plans, talk to us. Our XML analytics solution can be bolted on to help you get the most from your NDC Channel.

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