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NDC Success with Real-time Shopping Data

This short webinar (30 mins) provides an overview of the type of real-time data analysis that can make a difference to an airline’s B2B NDC merchandising.  Listen to our experts as they demonstrate with charts how readily available XML search and transaction data can be used to gain insights and drive decisions.

We discuss the data fundamentals that are needed to better understand your API performance as well as customer behaviour.  The webinar covers:

  • API Performance
  • Customer Context
  • Product Availability/Relevance
  • Price Management
  • Closing the Loop to improve offers
  • Where does the future lie (Getting Dynamic)
  • Questions (submitted online)

So if you are using or considering using  XML or JSON APIs as part your NDC plans, talk to us. We can help you analyse your readily available search and booking data, so that you can monitor the performance of your B2B distribution channels as well as you can your own website. In  addition to our enterprise platform, we have launched a new cloud-based analytics solution for airlines that is swift to implement and easy to use.  Valuable insights into your operations enables you to make data driven decisions that can build your NDC success.

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