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NDC Shopping Analytics

NDC Shopping AnalyticsHarnessing the power of  XML NDC Shopping Analytics to understand customer context and optimise merchandising strategies.

The twin pressures of continuous growth in demand for air travel and the need to find ways to be profitable is propelling the industry towards a decisive and much needed overhaul of its systems and processes in selling its services to customers. IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) is based on an open XML communication standard, designed to give travel agents acting on behalf of travellers the same access to content, choice and price as available to travellers going direct to airline websites.

This White Paper discusses how to get the most out of IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) enabled merchandising environment using shopping analytics derived from XML data streams. The five topics covered are:

  1. The traveller-airline relationship
  2. Customer journey from search to conversion
  3. Watching Searches as well as bookings in merchandising
  4. Analysing PNR content to get closer to customers
  5. EMDs enabling the unbundling of flight tickets for all

Essentially NDC is a new technical standard for connecting airlines and their distribution partners (GDSs and Agents) and will help the industry evolve from simple flight distribution in the form of selling seats to sophisticated air travel retailing with the flexibility and customisation that this entails.  Analysing XML message streams gives powerful insights into customers, markets and product success.

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