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NDC and ONE Order-Challenges and Opportunities

In this white paper we discuss some of the opportunities as well as challenges that face airlines in adopting NDC and the related initiative known as ONE Order and how these can be overcome with the smart use of data intelligence.

We begin by assessing the progress of IATA’s initiative today, but if you want to get to the heart of how we see data analytics as key to NDC implementation success,die straight into part fou and five:

  • Part One — “NDC is it taking off?” presents our take on NDC adoption today and some of the obstacles that remain
  • Part Two  — “The Opportunities and Challenges of ONE Order” is a deeper dive into how NDC and ONE Order will transform airline distribution
  • Part Three — “ONE Order — From Concept to Work in Progress” focusses on the cultural and technical challenges facing ONE Order adoption
  • Part Four — “Airline Intelligence starting with Segmentation”  gives an overview of how intelligence can help airlines understand customer groupings and needs
  • Part Five — “Bolting on Analytics in Support of NDC” describes the analytical layer that can be bolted on to an NDC implementation to deliver key insights to shape offers and  improve revenues.

NDC and ONE Order are the essential building blocks for IATA’s vision of fostering an end-to-end new distribution capability for the whole industry from shopping and order management to booking and ticketing. Similar to the retail industry experience, collecting, and analysing and using customer data is fundamental for conversion success and building customer relations. Download the white paper to find out how this can be achieved.

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