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Analytics in an NDC World (30 min Webinar)

A 30 minute webinar that takes a deeper look at how XML intelligence can be used to gain real-time insights into customer search and buying behaviour that can help airlines to create the right offers (for the right price).  Adopting IATA’s NDC is all about having the right systems and processes in place, and the right people who can understand how to benefit from new technology and insights.

We believe Data will be the Holy Grail in the airline distribution chain, as it is in most modern retail supply chains.

  • Knowing ‘who’ your customers are or what group they belong shouldn’t be left to guesswork.
  • Understanding what customers are looing for and when should feed back into fine tuning offers and products.
  • It’s about having the right analysis tools to get the insights you need, when you need them.

Analysing requests and using the insights helps airlines fine-tune what offers are presented to travellers. A better understanding of the data and the rich analysis of XML data in particular will lead to more relevant offers for the traveller — which ultimately is what the introduction of NDC is trying to achieve for the industry as a whole. We call it joining the dots — with insight from data.

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