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Virtual Show

triometric XML Analytics - virtual show

Events are being cancelled, so let’s meet virtually!

If you are interested in finding out how we help our customers use thier XML data to make smarter distribution decisions?  Get in touch – to arrange a demo or get a question answered.


ITB Stand

Meet the Trio Team

Matthew Goulden, CEO Triometric

Jonathan Boffey Senior Vice President business development Triometric

Tamas Krajecz Business Development

Daniel Ley

Philip Barton

Matthew Goulden, CEO

Jonathan Boffey, SVP Bus Development

Tamas Krajecz, Travel BI Specialist

Jon Simpson, Director of Services

Daniel Ley, Customer Services

Philip Barton
Director of Product

Available to answer questions and arrange a demo.

Showcasing How Trio Can Be Used

  • Trio captures, processes, aggregates and visualises search and booking data in real-time
  • We empower our customers to use their data to monitor and optimise their distribution

How an Operations Manager uses Trio

How an IT Director uses Trio

Revenue opportunities you might miss

Introducing Trio for Hospitality and Airlines

Trio Express - Distribution Made Simple

Turning the Lights on Hotel Distribution

Analytics for NDC Merchandising

Find out more about New Trio Features

Anomaly Detection

Anomay Detection

Smarter Data Exploration

Data Exploration

Data Sharing

Sharing Service

Want to find out more about Trio?  Email Tamas Krajecz who will be happy to help.

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