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GTA Case Study

GTA case studyBusiness-to-business travel wholesaler tests and monitors web services performance and real-user behaviour to accelerate web booking times, optimise uptime, improve customer service and proactively manage partners and suppliers.

GTA Case StudyWorld leader in the provision of ground travel products and services to the travel trade industry, GTA is using Triometric’s real-user testing and performance monitoring solutions to optimise its web services operations.

GTA  sources products from more than 30,000 suppliers in over 130 countries, and makes them available to a global audience in 29 languages via its own GTA branded website, as well as several other sites that are skinned with its clients’ branding. The performance of its web business is critical to business that manages more than 100 plus million hits and 20,000 plus bookings handled by the travel company’s 45 web sites every day.

GTA Video Testimonial

GTA accelerates web booking times, optimises uptime, improves customer experience and proactively manages partners and suppliers with Triometric.


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GTA Case Study  Case study

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