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Four Pillars of Online Conversion – The Essentials

4 pillars white paperIn B2B travel distribution, the focus on getting lookers to become bookers is just as important as in the B2C arena. Escalating search traffic and high Look-to-Book ratios seriously impact system performance, capacity management and the ability to deliver the right product at the right time.

This paper introduces four key fundamentals that travel companies need to get right, together with practical examples:

  • Performance: Who is searching for what and which agents are the problem?
    To ensure your products are on page 1 of search results you need a mix of operational and business level information. Poor response times mean missed opportunities and lost revenues.
  • Availability: Do you have the right inventory or capacity for your locations?
    To manage availability you need to constantly measure what you actually send back in your responses. Can the channels driving revenue be easily recognized from those that drive little value?
  • Price: Do you have the real-time insights to optimise channel management and pricing strategies?
    Data-driven insights help airlines, hotels and intermediaries optimise their pricing to deliver the right product to the right category of customer at the right time.
  • Relevance: Are you using the context of the search to make your responses more relevant?Understanding the core characteristics and behaviours of customers enables more relevant products and offerings that better fit the search query. Increased relevance leads to higher conversion rates and more sales.
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