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Fastpayhotels Case Study

Fastpayhotels leverages API analytics to optimise demand for business growth

Fastpayhotels DistributionWith its disruptive business model dynamic-rate hotel wholesaler, Fastpayhotels, delivers a win-win platform for both clients and suppliers. Full payment at the point of booking offers improved cash flow with zero risk for its 26,000 plus global hotel partners, and unbeatable value hotel rates to its customers.

From the outset, the Fastpayhotel founders recognised the competitive advantage that business intelligence could bring their business through client management, market demand insights and platform optimisation. The management team were keen to introduce the Trio Analytics platform (“Trio”) as the advanced analytics solution for their Juniper Booking platform and to its insights to drive business growth through visibility into its API traffic.

The Challenge

Fastpayhotels operate in a margin sensitive, highly competitive industry. Managing and optimising real-time demand and identifying market opportunities is key to their competitive advantage and business success. The deep business insights delivered by the Trio platform provide just such information and are essential in fulfilling this need.

Furthermore, visibility of their customer requests is crucial in optimising their distribution. Using Trio’s clear insights helps Fastpayhotels understand the finer nuances of market demands, client behaviour and inventory availability.

The Solution

A short Proof of Concept (PoC) using Fastpayhotels’ real-time transaction data reinforced the value of the intelligence that Trio brings to Fastpayhotels’ distribution operation. The Trio platform is now fully installed and is used by multiple departments as a vital tool supporting the company’s data-driven culture.

Every distribution transaction contributes to the large volume of insight-rich raw data. The Trio platform monitors this live API traffic crunching it into human consumable intelligence on product and customer demand. Trio gives visibility across multiple client channels together with inventory and other key performance metrics. Dashboards and reports provide the real-time visibility that the Fastpayhotels team needs to make the right and timely business decisions.

The Benefits

The Trio platform delivers a number of business critical insights to the Fastpayhotels team. Key among them are:

  • Demand Analysis — Using Trio, the team builds a clear profile of customer shopping behaviour. By using requested properties, locations and stay durations, the team uncover immediate insights into which search requests are converting and which are not. If requests fail due to errors, or slow response times, the team are alerted. Data exploration and drill down capabilities help them to quickly identify and resolve any issues. Every failed transaction can represent lost sales opportunities, but data insight from Trio helps mitigate this potential lost revenue.
  • Inventory Analysis – Getting supply and demand right in terms of destinations, hotel type and price is fundamental to a travel intermediary. Using Trio takes much of the guess work out of inventory analysis, by delivering granular insights into the product remaining by chain or even individual property. Fastpayhotels benefits from more accurate and evidence-based approaches to inventory management.
  • Client Management –Trio enables Fastpayhotels to understand and support the complex requirements of their clients. Clear visibility of the clients’ needs and performance enables Fastpayhotels to nurture constructive partnerships.

Triometric works with Fastpayhotels to ensure they get value from their real-time search and booking data and can take timely decisions to support their growing business.

Webinar: Introducing Trio Analytics for Juniper with Fastpayhotels

A 30 minute video that brings together Juniper the booking platform provider, Triometric the analytics layer and Fastpayhotels, the customer that benefits from deeper API traffic analytics.

A short overview and demo describing how the Trio Analytics for Juniper platform delivers detailed API insights at property, agent and destination level. Discover how our joint customer is already using the service to monitor and manage their distribution channels and optimise demand.

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