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Putting the Data Power Behind Hotelbeds Distribution Success

Triometric began working closely with the Hotelbeds Group in 2013, when the travel distributor selected Trio Analytics, the leading API business intelligence platform to help the company gain visibility into the performance of its APIs and business insights from its high volumes of search and booking traffic.

Hotelbeds Case StudySince that time, Triometric has supported Hotelbeds on its journey to becoming the world’s undisputed leading Bedbank with its mission to redefine travel distribution. It is achieving this by putting data and analytics front and centre. Staying at the forefront of today’s high volume, fast paced travel business means Hotelbeds has to manage hundreds of millions of online transactions every day. The Trio Analytics platform has helped Hotelbeds gain deep real-time insights to help manage its daily operations and drive its business direction.

Using data-driven performance optimisation and API intelligence as part of its distribution strategy is pivotal in how Hotelbeds has differentiated itself from the competition. Today The Hotelbeds Group, operating mainly under the Hotelbeds and Bedsonline brands has forged impressive relationships across the travel supply chain. The group connects 35,000 travel intermediaries in more than 120 source markets to travel providers in over 180 countries who represent more than 120,000 hotels, 21,000 transfer routes, and 12,000 activities.

Working Together

Triometric has worked closely with Hotelbeds over a number of years to improve and extend the functionality of the Trio analytics platform to meet the Bedbank’s operational environment and highly focused analytic needs. As Hotelbeds’ business grew and evolved, we were delighted to support the company during some critical periods in managing a number of complex technology challenges and opportunities along the way, including:

  • Supported rapid scaling of Hotelbeds traffic (x50) over the period
  • Expansion of Trio Analytics service to support new APIs (APItude) and technologies (JSON)
  • Managed migration to hybrid multiple global AWS cloud data centres and on premise environments
  • Integrated high volume acquired platform traffic (GTA, Tourico)

The Challenge

APItude by HotelbedsHotelbeds has developed a set of APIs to make it easier for its partners such as online travel agents and tour operators to work with it. Branded APItude, the three APIs cover content, caching and booking. APItude is the fastest and lightest hotel distribution API in the market with more than 5,000 XML connections. By end of 2017, the number of daily requests processed by the APItude platform had grown to 300m per day. Market driven look to book growth has been relentless and by 2019, the platform is sometimes handling daily up to 3 billion hotel search requests and replies. In addition, Hotelbeds processed in 2017 around 46,000 daily net bookings. These operational statistics illustrate and emphasise the scale of the data volume and the data growth that Hotelbeds and the Trio Analytics platform are dealing with.

Hotelbeds was keen to manage and exploit its rich data asset in order to stay ahead in this margin-sensitive industry. To do this, the company needed to develop its analytic capabilities from capturing through to analysing and visualising large quantities of API traffic. The analytic platform needed to be effective and be able to adapt and grow in line with ever increasing data volumes, and faster demands for insights. In other words, be able to keep pace with the dynamic forces driving the business. The company wanted to work with a technology partner that could deliver a comprehensive API monitoring and analytics service delivering real-time insights for instant corrective action and business reporting to support decision making across a variety of departments. Scalability and system resilience were also key selection criteria.


To equip its internal capabilities with a best of breed analytics platform, Hotelbeds competitively selected Trio Analytics with its unique ability to combine API monitoring with delivering deep granular business insights from analysing API traffic. Trio analytics can provide more than just availability metrics and alerts; it can identify a host of errors, detect anomalies and empower users to dive deeper and find the root cause of issues. Dashboards provide at-a-glance visibility into hotspots, latency, and error rates while enabling users to drill down to those areas causing concern with a view to swift remediation.

Trio Analytics unobtrusively captures API traffic for analysis. The Trio Analytics data collector was first installed in Hotelbeds data centre. As Hotelbed’s traffic grew, so did the data collection and analytic capabilities of the Trio analytics platform.. As Hotelbeds implemented a strategic decision to move key systems including its API environment to the cloud, Triometric was on hand to help as required. A team of Triometric product and data experts worked with the Hotelbeds IT team to ensure that API traffic monitoring, data capture and analysis was moved to the cloud. Today, data capture of API traffic takes place in Hotelbeds three cloud regions, namely the US, Ireland and Singapore.


In its early deployment of Trio Analytics, Hotelbeds was immediately able to optimise the performance of its APIs and extract quality and timely intelligence from the traffic flowing through Hotelbedsthem. Using Trio Analytics over the years, Hotelbeds has successfully scaled its analytics capability across the enterprise and extended its reach across different functions. Business insights flowing from Trio Analytics were used to support the daily work of analysts in a variety of functions to manage a range of critical tasks, including:

  • Early identification and correction of errors, such as system performance or XML content
  • Inventory contracting and supplier management with clear SLAs
  • Real-time product availability (inventory levels)
  • Understanding market demands and trends in terms of destinations or products
  • Visibility into customer buying trends and behaviour to make product offers relevant
  • Business insights and “score cards” to facilitate client relations

API analytics has given Hotelbeds the ability to better manage its supplier contracts, inventory and availability and ultimately better understand client needs to optimise its product portfolio and sales strategy. With rich business insights covering everything from agents, destinations, pricing and products, the company is well-equipped to make informed choices about market segments, distribution channels, or regions and compete on the quality of its overall offering.

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