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Applying Search Data to Better Segment Customers

Big Data is getting massive attention. It is hyped to deliver customer ownership through personalisation. But in the travel distribution supply chain the customer can be owned multiple times and there are few big data success stories.  Is ‘Smart Data’ – data that is sourced to address a specific business need – being overlooked?  Using search data intelligence to better segment customers can be a crucial step to understanding their wants and needs.

Watch the recording to learn how XML analytics can improve your look to book ratio. By applying search data intelligence to better segment customers in real time, travel companies can deliver a more targeted response to the request, based on the context of the search. Applying intelligent customer segmentation is making smarter use of ‘readily collectable’ data rather than chasing the holy grail of personalisation with big data. Picking up on those buying signals a searcher makes can help turn the ‘looker’ into a ‘booker’.

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