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Anomaly Detection in Search and Booking Data

Anomaly-Detection in Search-and-bookings

Is your distribution insight swimming upstream?

Data feeds insight, but getting the right insights at the right time is challenging when there is so much data available. This white paper explores what real-time anomaly detection is and how it can be applied by travel organisations, including, bed banks, hotels and airlines to make their distribution operations more efficient.

Our AI-powered Anomaly Detection builds and improves on normal rules based approaches. It is designed to:

  • Identify deviation from normal patterns of behaviour
  • Handle very large  transaction volumes
  • Alert for a variety of anomalies in your KPIs such as errors or failures
  • Identify hidden or missed opportunities.

Our machine learning accommodates the fluctuations in inventory levels and customer buying behaviours to make sure our anomaly detection techniques remain effective.

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