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12 Considerations for Designing your Travel API with Intelligence

API Design by Triometric

API Analytics -- from Concept to Design

12 Considerations to take on board at the outset

Analytics play a crucial role in web services monitoring and ensuring the success of API programs, but some APIs  lend themselves much better to analytics than others. This does not happen by accident. Handling millions of travel search requests and replies requires a clear vision of the kind of analytics possible. This makes these insights more achievable and usable.

The paper includes advice on the following key design points:

  1. Adopting standard format for each document type
  2. Atomic values
  3. Making transactions stateless (where possible)
  4. Linking search responses with booking requests with an ID
  5. Making responses self-describing
  6. Minimising multiplicity – single-occurrence not multiple-occurrence
  7. Avoiding sending static data
  8. Aggregating Some Fields at Once-Only Level
  9. Separating General And Specific Error Messages
  10. Making It Easy To Relate Fields
  11. Simple XML Structure Is More Efficient To Analyse
  12. Adding Capability To Add Fields Without Changing The API

In working for more than 10 years with some of the biggest names in travel, we have developed the best in class distribution analytics platform for online travel companies of all sizes. Find out more about our services for hotels and wholesalers.

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