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Online Hotel Availability

online hotel availability

Online Hotel Availability with missed opportunities that eat up profit margins and impact the bottom line is a serious phenomenon for everyone in the travel supply chain. Revenue often slips through cracks unnoticed. The source or quantity can be hard to pinpoint because of a lack of visibility into two key types of data in online hotel availability:

  1. Real-time performance levels of the web services and applications
  2. The detail contained in the search traffic messages

Due to the ‘perishable’ nature of their product, hotels like airlines face important decisions regarding what to sell, when to sell, to whom to sell and at what price in order to get maximum return on the room / the seat.

For example the travel organization needs to know:

– If the product availability being offered matches search traffic demand? (ie whether the right product is showing as available for the right price at the right time?)
– When, why or how search requests fail? The consequences? The value associated with those failures?
– Whether the web services infrastructure is performing optimally – in terms of speed, responsiveness, uptime?

Being able to answer these questions helps decision-making in key areas such as distribution and revenue management.

Making the Invisible Visible

The Trio analytics platform helps identify and plug those revenue gaps and many others. It is a unique real-time performance monitoring and analytics tool capable of delivering the visibility, and actionable evidence needed to manage live searches and bookings for online hotel availability.

Specifically the Trio analytics platform delivers real-time visibility into:

– Availability, performance and health of all web services and network
– Real-time analytics and dashboards for a diverse range of user determined metrics relevant to the business.

In short the Trio analytics platform delivers real-time analytics that can help loss prevention in business. Stopping revenue leakage has a direct impact on the bottom line and is therefore one of the most compelling profit improvement motivators for the travel supply chain including hospitality and airlines.

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