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Triometric launches Analytics for Farelogix NDC-Xpress to deliver real-time insights into their distribution and merchandising strategies

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Triometric’s innovative web services performance monitoring and XML analytics platform is now fully customised to analyse real-time search and booking data for airlines deploying the Farelogix NDC-Xpress distribution and merchandising platform.

EGHAM, UK, 5th November 2016– Triometric, the leading provider of real-time XML business intelligence (BI) to the online travel industry today announced the expansion of its solutions portfolio for airlines with the launch of Analytics for NDC-Xpress, a flexible business intelligence platform. NDC-Xpress, a powerful distribution and merchandising platform from Farelogix, enables airlines to implement IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) and deliver airline-controlled merchandising, pricing and API distribution in a SaaS model. Triometric Analytics for NDC-Xpress is the optional analytics layer that monitors the XML data stream passing through the NDC-Xpress platform to deliver granular intelligence on markets, customers and channels. Triometric translates raw XML request and reply messages into meaningful insights that airlines can use to make data-driven decisions to optimise their merchandising and distribution operations. In parallel, the Triometric platform can deliver insights into a range of operational key performance indicators.

With 60% of airline tickets globally sold via travel agents, airlines need to fill a capability and analytics gap between their direct (web) and indirect (travel agent) channels, providing identical retail capabilities across all channels. To close this merchandising capability gap, IATA is leading a collaborative industry initiative to define a new XML-based New Distribution Capability (NDC) messaging standard. This will provide consumers with the same shopping experience regardless of how and where they do their travel shopping.

To address this market need, Triometric and Farelogix announced in February this year, their collaboration to deliver real-time business intelligence to support airlines in NDC implementation and ancillary merchandising strategies. The collaboration brings together Triometric’s analytics platform and the airline merchandising, pricing and API distribution capabilities of Farelogix. Triometric Analytics for NDC-Xpress is available from today and is also delivered using a SaaS model, making access simple for all Farelogix NDC-Xpress customers who are interested in subscribing to this layer of business intelligence to enhance their merchandising capabilities.

Understanding how travellers search and book for travel is increasingly vital for airlines as they embrace NDC standards. Triometric NDC Analytics helps airlines harness the intelligence embedded in the rich NDC-schema compliant XML message streams that make up millions of search requests, offers and bookings every day. Analysis of this search and booking data gives airlines deep insight into their customers’ travel intentions and preferences and helps them tailor better offers for conversions based on customer context and market demand. The platform also gives the IT department insight into critical operational performance metrics such as response times, timeouts and message or system errors. Online travel is a fast paced and highly competitive environment where systems must be monitored and maintained to run optimally at all times to avoid any degradation of service to the user or loss of revenue opportunities.

 Analytics for NDC-Xpress Solution at a Glance

Functionally rich with easy to access prepared reports, the Triometric Analytics for NDC-Xpressis designed to fill a gap in airline access to search and shopping data as consumers and agents plan itineraries and travel experiences.

Built on Triometric’s proven BI technology and optimised for SaaS delivery, Triometric Analytics for NDC-Xpress has been custom developed for airlines to deliver:

  • A set of BI reports and dashboards for business departments (e.g. distribution, revenue management, marketing)
  • Operational and performance metrics to IT and operation departments.

The Triometric Analytics for NDC-Xpress service includes:

  • Secure login via standard browser interface
  • Monitoring of end-to-end web services and XML APIs
  • XML message analysis delivered via dashboards, packaged KPI reports, and scheduled alerts
  • Near real-time reporting to support decision making
  • Interface and framework so users can customise reports or create new ones to meet their needs
  • Scalability – its easy to add users and analytic capabilities as requirements grow
  • Training and professional consulting services to help airlines get the most out of their investment
  • Maintenance and customer support services to resolve issue quickly and efficiently

Benefits for Airlines

Triometric Analyzer for NDC-Xpress offers a full range of self-service analytics, with easy visual access to- data for querying and analysis to gain instant insights that can be acted on. The tool puts the power of dynamic shopping data into the hands of airline decision makers, freeing them from the current reliance on static data and rear view reporting. Interactive dashboards, visual reports and threshold alerts deliver near real-time insights that enable airline executives to:

  • Analyse merchandising performance from searches and bookings
  • Analyse results and trends to develop improvements
  • Identify customer segments and buying context to improve relevance of offers and conversions
  • Optimise retail opportunities with real-time insights
  • Monitor overall ‘health’ of product demand and supply
  • Analyse distribution channel performance
  • Use data to innovate product differentiation
  • Collaborate across departments with a consistent, cross-enterprise data view

“As the airline industry accelerates its rate of change and adoption of NDC, it’s critical that airlines can leverage search and booking data to deliver products and services that customers most value” said Matthew Goulden, CEO of Triometric.  “Our goal with Analytics for NDC-Xpressis to make NDC shopping data more accessible and to drive insights for the airlines. Customer experience matters when people are searching for flight itineraries and other travel products– speed of offer delivery and accuracy is absolutely mission critical in this particularly competitive environment”

Triometric Analytics for NDC is now generally available worldwide as a SaaS deployment for Farelogix NDC-Xpress. The solution is also available on an enterprise model

About Triometric

Triometric technology is a powerful end-to-end web services monitoring and analytics platform that helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables online travel intermediaries and suppliers to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue. Triometric is a privately held company based in Surrey, UK. Customers include Hotelbeds, GTA, Bonotel, S7 Airlines and Farelogix.  For additional information, visit:

About Farelogix NDC-Xpress

Further information on the NDC-Xpress product can be found on the Farelogix website

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